Birmingham New Street

Terms of Acceptance

  • All garments are accepted in accordance with our terms and conditions laid out below which follow standards and policies set forth by the TSA (Textile Services Association)

  • All garments will be inspected at the counter prior to acceptance and any known stains or defects should be pointed out to a member of our counter staff and agreed.

  • All garments will be cleaned in accordance with the care label.

    • Where no care label is present the customer will be required to sign a copy of our owners consent form. This details risks that may occur upon cleaning of item. This includes but is not limited to colour loss, shrinkage ,felting, stretching, pulls, tears.

    • We can not be held responsible for inherent weaknesses in material and fabrics that may result in damage to the garment.

    • Where risks are pointed out by our counter staff but customer fails to sign consent form then verbal consent will be deemed to have been given.

  • Stain Removal – Stains are dealt with by spotting before full cleaning. Some stains cannot be fully removed and to attempt to do so may result in damage to fabric. Therefore, NO GUARANTEE of stain removal can be given.

  • Household Items – Due to size and nature it is not always possible to check thoroughly at counter. Sun damage may be highlighted by cleaning process and there is a risk of shrinkage with curtains.

  • We always endeavour to offer a first class cleaning service, however, if we fail to meet your expectations and you are not entirely satisfied we would like to know. Please bring any instances to our attention within 48 hours of collection and we will reclean item free of charge.

  • Complaint Procedure – We will do all that is possible to resolve a problem or complaint to your satisfaction.

    • Any issues should be advised within 48 hours of collection of garment

    • Item will be referred to head dry cleaner for assessment

    • A full report will be compiled detailing cleaning process used and condition of garment on acceptance and on examination.

    • In unlikely event damage is caused by cleaning process we will compensate you upto 10 times the cleaning cost of the garment (which is industry standard), upon production of original item receipt or proforma invoice.

  • Items should be collected within 1 month of receipt. Any item not collected will be removed to our storage unit for a further 3 months of storage before being donated to charity. You will be notified by telephone/text prior to removal from this site and again before removal from our storage centre.